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Зареєструйтесь, щоб мати можливість переглядати усі сторінки та файли, публікувати власні матеріали



1. Do you get up early? Is it easy for you to get up early?
2. Do you wake up yourself or does an alarm clock wake you up?
3. Which do you prefer: a hot or a cold shower in the morning?
4. What do you usually have for breakfast?
5. Some people look through newspapers or listen to the latest news on the radio while having breakfast. What about you?
6. When do you usually leave the house?
7. What do you usually do on your way to work (school, etc.)?
8. Where do you usually have lunch (dinner)?
9. What time do you come home?
10. How do you spend your evenings?
11. What time do you usually go to bed?



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