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Твір на тему: "Charles Darwin" / Чарльз Дарвін


Darwin had not planned to be a scientist. He wanted to become a doctor. But he was interested in plants and animals.
A friend who knew about Darwin's interest in nature invited him to take the trip. Charles was 22 when he left England for a five-year trip around the world. This trip is a very important one in the history of science, for it led Darwin to write one of the world's most famous books. The book is "The Origin of Species". It gives Darwin's ideas of how all the plants and animals of today have come from the very simple plants and animals that first lived on the garth. Darwin was seasick for much of the voyage, but he came back with the notes for his great book. He visited the Galapagos Islands, Australia, New Zealand. There he saw many strange plants and animals.



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