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Твір на тему: "The Modern History of Kyiv" / Сучасна історія Києва


In 1984' Kyiv became the capital of Ukraine, which triggered a period of extensive construction. It, however, was interrupted by the Great Patriotic War (1941-45). Immeasurable destruction was caused to Kyiv by the Nazi occupation forces. More than 195 thousand people were either brutally murdered at Babyi Yar or tortured in the concentration camps at Darnytsia and Syrets. Over two thousand factories, public buildings and apartment houses, many outstanding architectural monuments were destroyed. The magnificent eleventh-century Cathedral of the Dormition was blown up, and nearly thirty other buildings of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra were turned into rubble. The main building of the University was set afire. Khreshchatyk and other central streets lay in ruins.



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