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Твір на тему: "Ukraine. Mineral Resources" / Україна. Мінеральні ресурси


Ukraine is very rich in mineral resources. It contains iron and manganese ores, natural gas, salt, sulphur, graphite, flux limestone. Ukraine also has deposits of oil, bauxite as well as black coal. Mineral resources can be classified into three main groups: fuels, metals and nonmetals. Fuels include deposits of black and brown coal, natural gas and peat. The reserves of black coal are concentrated in two basins: the Donets and Lviv-Volynian Basins, deposits of brown coal are to be found in many places on the Right Bank. They form the large Dnieper Brown Coal Basin. The western regions of Ukraine contain small deposits of brown coal. Brown coal is used as local fuel for power stations, factories and plants, also in household heating.



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