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Choose the career. Урок англійської мови


Тема уроку: Вибір професії. Choose the career.
Цілі :
Практична мета.
Повторити і закріпити лексичні одиниці теми: «Вибір професії» та граматичний матеріал « Past Simple and Present Perfect »; удосконалювати навички читання, говоріння , аудіювання.
Освітня мета. Збагачувати духовний світ особистості ; розширювати знання учнів про будову іноземної мови та культуру спілкування.( навчальний діалог)
Виховна мета . За допомогою засобів мови виховувати свідоме ставлення до вибору професії.
Розвиваюча мета. Розвивати мовну здогадку та комунікативні навички .
Обладнання : комп?ютер, навчальна програма «Bridge to English»,електронний підручник; роздатковий матеріал.
Хід уроку
І. Вітання
ІІ. Повідомлення теми/ підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення./
? The last two school years are very important for you. It is quite clear, because you?ll get a certificate of secondary education. There is serious task for you – choosing your road of life, your future occupation.
? You must think whether you are seriously interested in it: you must realize that , when choosing a trade or profession, not only your wishes and interests must be considered, but your health, abilities, features of character, and knowledge as well.
? As you know success comes to those who are prepared to achieve it. Let us hope you will make the right choice and do the best to be good specialists, no matter what sphere you will work.
? Today we?ll continue discussing the importance of choosing your road in life. Let?s start.
? By the end of the lesson you should be able:
? To operate the words and words combinations for the topic “ Choosing a profession “.
? To review the grammar “The Perfect Tenses“
? To participate in common conversational exchange about choosing a profession.

ІІІ. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу./ перегляд тематичних ілюстрацій з перекладом/
What are you going to do
When you are twenty-two ?
I?ll write a story,
I ?ll make a plane,
I?ll teach children
I ?ll make rain.
What are you going to be
When you are twenty - three?
I?ll be a pilot,
I?ll be a doctor,
I?ll be a teacher.
I?ll be a worker
What are you going to be
When you are twenty - three?
I?ll be in london .
I? ll be in Rome.
I?ll be in Africa
I?ll be home.

Основна частина уроку
Підготовчі вправи
-Тлумачення ЛО / Do you know the difference between using of the words…?
The difference between the following words:
a job, a work, an occupation, a profession, a career.
? Your job is the work that you do regularly in order to earn money, especially when you work for a company or public organization.
? Work is used in a more general way to talk about activities that you do to earn money, either working for a company or for yourself.
? We use occupation to talk about the kind of work that someone usually does. Occupation is used mainly on official forms.
? A profession is a kind of work for which you need special training and a good education.
? Your career is the type of work that you do or hope to do for most of your life.
? Read and compare
? My last job was with a computer firm.
? He finally got a job in a supermarket.
? Will you go back to work when you?ve had the baby?
? I started work when I was 18.
? State your name, age, occupation in the box below.
? The legal profession.
? I?m interested in a career in television.
? His career is more important to him than his family
- Лексична гра /Lexical game/ з м?ячем. /
? -Тренувальна вправа / словотворення/ Word building / вид діяльності: письмо/ In English you can make the name of a person who does a job by adding one of the following suffixes.

? - r
? -er
? -ian
? -ist

? Farm …
? Electric…
? Photograph …
? Garden …
? Manage …
? Art …

? -Перевірка знань лексики/ matching Say what these people are.
? He is a … .
? She is a..
? He plays football . He is a …
? She paints.- She is a..
? She manages. - She is a..
? She sings. She is a..
? He looks after a garden. He is a …
? He builds things.. He is a …
? He works on a farm. He is a …

-Перевірка вживання ЛО в реченнях / складання власних речень; вміння висловлювати своєї думки.
I should like to become a … because

? secretary
? university lecturer
? economist
? designer
? police officer
? soldier
? businessman
? farmer
? university lecturer
? economist
? designer
? police officer
? soldier
? businessman
? farmer
? lawyer
? ecologist
? journalist
? Member of the Board
? Deputy Director
? Departmental Manager
? lawyer
? ecologist
? journalist

I?d hate to become a … because … .
a)This job sometimes does more bad than good;
b) It involves meeting too many people;
c) It needs too much writing.

Match the parts to complete a sentence

? A baker
? A barber
? A mine
? A researcher
? A managing director
? A chef
? A carpenter
? A guide
? A lawyer
? An electrician

/This person cuts man?s hair
? A person who makes experiments.
? This person is the head of the company
? Someone who helps people with the law.
? A person who makes bread
? A person who makes wooden things.
? Someone who repairs electrical things
? A cook in a restaurant or hotel especially the head cook
? A person who shows places of interest
? A man that works in a mine /

Комунікативні вправи
-Групова робота / практикування у діалогічному мовленні / вид діяльності : говоріння/
Аудіювання / прослуховування діалогу з попередньою підготовчою лексичною та граматичною роботою)
? Well, Mr Martin, just a couple of questions. When did you move to Southampton?
? ?We moved from Brighton a year ago. .
? ?Where did you work in Brighton?
? ?I was a programmer at a local college. And now I've become the Head of Department at Southampton University.
? ?I see. Are you married, Mr Martin?
? ?Yes, I am. My wife worked as an ecologist, and recently she has started her own business. It has been quite successful.
? ?Right. Have you got any children?
? ?Yes, two. A boy and a girl. .
? ?Thank you. So, you'd like to take out a mortgage to buy a house.
? ?How much have you earned this year?
? ?Well, this year has just started. But last year I earned about 35,000 pounds.
? ?Fine. At our bank you can take out a mortgage of 100,000 pounds for 15 years at 12% interest per annum. .
? ?It sounds good. Thank you for this offer. I'll come back if no other bank offers anything better.

Післятекстова робота: самостійний перегляд ; читання з диктором; читання в парах. Інсценування.
( Дом. Завдання – скласти власний діалог за зразком).
Робота з підручником. Моделювання життєвих ситуацій та вирішення проблем./ говоріння/
? Read the job advertisements . The pairs of our pupils will introduce your qualification. Choose one person who has got enough qualification./ робота з матеріалами підручника та газети.
? I think / Anton / has got enough qualification.
? Because he knows a lot about cars…
Проектна робота учениці. Project work
It is time to find out which professions enjoy popularity in our town of Slov?yans?k. Olia was given a task to interview some careers officers in our employment agency. And this is what she got..
Підсумок: монологічне мовлення учнів на тему « Мій вибір»
? Оцінки Підбиття підсумків
? Summarizing./ marks/
? I should like to thank all of you for your participation in this work .
? In choosing a profession we must think about whether we are seriously interested in it.


Павленко Світлана Іванівна, учитель англійської мови Черкаської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ст.№1


методична література, матеріали навчальних програм.

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