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Система уроків з проблемної теми "Проектні технології" на уроках англійської мови


The working out of the system of the lessons on the problem theme “Project Work“
Form: 8, 10
Lesson 2 “Schools in Britain and Ukraine”
Lesson 3 “The menu of tasty dishes”
Objectives of the learning the theme: to develop pupils’ listening & reading, writing skills and speech habits through various creative activities, project work; to provide pupils with practice in speaking comprehension; to encourage them to use new vocabulary; to form pupils’ ability of using their imagination while discussing different situations; to form habits of communicating skills according to the real situa­tion; to systematize pupils’ knowledge on the theme; to teach pupils to generalize the material; to broaden pupils’ knowledge about School System in Ukraine and Great Britain, National Cuisine; to prac­tice pupils in skimming and scanning the text;
to teach pupils to be quick – witted;
to cultivate pupils’ love for their native land, culture of communication and cooperative work and esthetic taste.


Солодка Олександра Леонідівна



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