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Professional Matters


Learning Objectives:
- To practise speaking skills while discussing various aspects of your future jobs;
- to talk and listen about your plans for future;
- to develop listening skills while doing the task about the career of a famous person;
- to practise reading strategy Multiple Matching;
- to learn more about the world of jobs;
- to educate on the importance of choosing the right career.
1. Phonetic Drill: Intonation of Questions.
2. Speech Drill: Talking about Particular Jobs.
3. Discussion: Plans for Future;
Work Experience;
Getting a New Job.
4. Writing: Dictation: Derivatives and Synonyms.
5. Reading Comprehension: Come quickly, it’s an Emergency!
6. Giving Presentations: How to be Successful During your Job Interview;
What sort of employee is an international company looking for?
Why a Person May or May not Like his or her Job;
Should Teenagers Have a Part-time Job?
People who Can Make a Difference: Steve Jobs.

Hometasks: Write a job description SB6, 43; write an essay about working in the emergency services SB 8, 43.



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