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Music in our life


Topic. Music in our life.
Goals: Перевірити знання учнів з теми Музика, поповнювати словниковий запас учнів.
Розвивати комунікативні навички, усне й писемне мовлення, вміння розуміти зміст прослуханого тексту.
Виховувати інтерес до музики, до класичної музики.
Equipment: вірш про музику, ксерокопії з текстом, фільм про «Бітлз», аудіо запис «Пори року» Чайковського, проект «Музика».
I. Organization of the lesson.
1. Greeting.
- Good morning, Oksana Georgievna.
- Sit down, please.
- Thank you.
2. Warming-up.
- The topic of our lesson is music. Today we are going to talk about some kinds of music, about your favourite music. The epigraph of our lesson is “Music is the universal language”.
- Let’s recall the poem by Ann Bonner about music. Read it line by line.
Music is everywhere
In the birds of the air.
In the hum of the honeybees.
In the song of the breeze as it shivers the trees.
In the river that murmurs over the stones.
In the wind that moans.
In the surge of the sea lapping the shore.
In the roar of the storm rattling the door.
In the drum of the rain on the windowpane.
Music is here
Filling our ear.
- Do you like the poem?
P 1. Yes, I do. I like it very much.
- This poem is beautiful, isn’t it?
P 2. Yes, it is. We can see that music is closely connected with nature.
- Find the English equivalents of the following word-combinations.
a). музыка повсюду – music is everywhere
b). в пении птиц – in the birds of the air
c). в жужжании пчёл – in the hum of the honeybees
d). в песне лёгкого ветерка – in the song of the breeze
e). в реке, которая журчит по камням – in the river that murmurs over the stones
f). в стоне ветра – in the wind that moans
g). в волнах, которые плещутся о берег – in the surge of the sea lapping the shore
h). в рёве бури – in the roar of the storm
i). в шуме дождя – in the drum of the rain
II. The main part of the lesson.
1. Speaking.
- Let’s talk a bit about music. Answer my questions, please.
- Do you like to listen to music?
P 1. Yes, I do. I think it’s impossible to live without music.
- What is your favourite kind of music?
P 2. My favourite music is pop music.
P 3. My favourite music is rock music.
P 4. My favourite music is classical music.
- Who is your favourite composers?
P 5. My favourite composer is Igor Krutoy. His music is after my heart. He wrote many songs for famous performers.
P 6. My favourite composer is Igor Nikolaev. I like all the songs which he performs himself.
- Who is your favourite Ukrainian singer? Why?
P 7. My favourite Ukrainian singer is Ani Lorak. She sings about real love and happiness.
P 8. And I like Vakarchuk and his group. I like to listen to his songs when I’m in a sad mood.
- Who is your favourite foreign group? Why?
P 9. My favourite group is “Rolling Stones”. They are representatives of rock music. This group was founded in 1962 and is still popular now.
P 10. In my opinion, the rock group “Queen” is also very popular among the young people. They sing about the events of our life, about their country and its people.
- Do you listen to music on the radio, on TV or on CDs?
P 1. I prefer to listen to music on CDs. I have a very rich collection of disks. I buy them in the specialized shops.
P 2. I like to listen to music on the Internet. It’s serves me as the background when I play computer games.
- Can you play any musical instruments?
P 3. I play the violin and I finished a musical school. I like this instrument because the sound produced by the violin is clear and tender. (нежный)
P 4. I also finished the musical school and I can play the piano. I play the piano when I am sad or I’m happy.
P 5. Can you play any musical instruments?
T. Yes, I can. I can play the piano. Sorry to say, I can’t afford it every day because I have little spare time.
P 6. Did you attend a musical school?
T. Yes, I did. I finished a musical school when I was a pupil of the ninth form.
P 7. Can you play anything just now?
T. Well, I haven’t played the piano long ago, but I’ll try to…
Listening “Yesterday”
- Whose song is this?
P 1. This is a famous song performed by the “Beatles”.
- By the way what do you know about the “Beatles”?
P 2. The Beatles became nationally famous in England in October, 1962, when their first single record, “Love me do”, entered the Hit Parade. The famous four who recorded that song were, of course, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and drummer Ringo Starr.
- And now I’d like you to see a small part of the film about “Beatles”. You’ll see how popular they were not only in Britain but in the whole world.
Watching the film “Pop”
2. Reading the text.
- Now let’s check up your homework. What was your homework for today?
P 1. Our homework is to read and translate the text.
Music plays an important role in people`s life. It forms people`s internal world, helps correctly understand the events of our life and bring up taste. Outstanding German musician Ludwig van Beethoven said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”.
In the ancient world music was thought to be a magic, the voice of gods.
Music expresses most beautiful and sincere feelings. It is difficult to imagine a person, who would not love music.
Simple and thoughtless music is very popular today. It is easier to hear and understand it. Nowadays that kind of music is called «Pop music». It includes such styles of music as jazz, rock, rap, disco and so on. Such music is necessary to the man, it lifts mood, and also it is easily remembered. Music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Grig, Schubert, Rachmaninov is classical music. It is necessary to learn to understand it and it is quite accessible to everyone.
It is good to learn and find out some information about the composer and about his time.
One of the world-famous composers is Tchaikovsky.
Tchaikovsky was born in a small town in the Ural mountains. His father was a mining engineer. As a boy Tchaikovsky loved music, but he did not think of giving his life to it. He planned to be a lawyer. When he was old enough, he began to study law.
But at 21 he decided that music was much more interesting and entered the conservatory at St. Petersburg. After he graduated five years later, he was made a professor in Moscow Conservatory. Along with his teaching, he wrote a great deal of music.
Everybody knows "The Nutcracker Suite" with its "Waltz of the Flowers". "The Nutcracker Suite" was written as a ballet, but many more people have heard the music than have seen the ballet. Some of Tchaikovsky's other compositions are well-known too. Among them are the "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty”, the "Romeo and Juliet", the "Eugene Onegin", "The Queen of Spades" and Symphony # 6.
Tchaikovsky's music is very tuneful. His music is eternal.
3. Post-reading tasks.
a). – Finish the sentences.
1). Music forms … (people`s internal world, helps correctly understand the events of our life and bring up taste)
2). Beethoven said... (“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”)
3). Music expresses … (most beautiful and sincere feelings)
4). Music by Bach … (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Grig, Schubert, Rachmaninov is classical music)
5). It is necessary to learn … (to understand it and it is quite accessible to everyone)
6). One of the world-famous composers is … (Tchaikovsky)
b). – Find the English equivalents of the following phrases.
1). Музыка – это наиболее высокое откровение, чем вся мудрость и философия.
2). В древние времена музыку считали волшебством, голосом богов.
3). «Щелкунчик»
4). «Вальс цветов»
5). «Пиковая дама»
6). «Лебединое озеро»
7). «Спящая красавица»
8). Музыка Чайковского вечна.
4. Work with groups.
- Now work in groups. I’ll give you some time to prepare a story on the following topics.
Group 1
- Group 1 will speak about the role of music in people’s life.
Group 2
- Group 2 will speak about Tchaikovsky.
5. Listening the “Seasons”.
- Now we shall listen to one of the most famous piece of music by Tchaikovsky called “Seasons”. Your task is to listen to music very attentively and guess what season it is?
P 1. I think it is winter. I see the snowflakes falling. The trees, the roofs of the houses and the ground are covered with snow.
P 2. The children are on the skating-rink. They are happy.
P 3. The music sounds very joyful, optimistic and vital. (жизненный)
- You know children, nature is always considered to be a source of inspiration.
6. Wisdom Work.
- And now I’d like you to read the following quotation.
Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.
- Translate this statement.
III. Summarizing.
1. Speaking.
- What do you understand from this lesson?
P 1. Millions of people like music and can`t imagine their life without it. Music affects the emotions in different ways.
P 2. Music arouses deep emotions and makes people to think.
P 3. It gives people new energy and optimism.
P 4. Music is a wonderful rest, a good way to remove from tiredness and tension.
P 5. Classical music gives the listener keen delight. It appeals to our intellect.
P 6. The life of a man is very different, sometimes happy, and sometimes dramatic, music gives us possibility to find new strength, to get new energy and desires.
- As for me, I like this statement “Music can change the world because it can change people”.
2. Marking.
- Thank you for the lesson. All of you tried to work very well. Your mark are … . I’ll give you … .


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